Institute of Psychiatric Research (IPR)


The Institute of Psychiatric Research (IPR) is an integral part of the Department of Psychiatry at Indiana University School of Medicine. IPR is home to research faculty, staff, post-doctoral fellow, and graduate and professional students. IPR has been extending the boundaries of psychiatric research by:    

  • demonstrating that glycine is a neurotransmitter
  • developing the serotonin hypothesis of depression
  • helping to establish the genetic and the biochemical substrates of alcoholism    
  • assembling the largest sample of bipolar families for genetic studies
  • developing an animal model of anxiety


IPR is also home to journal editors for Psychiatric Genetics, Current Alzheimer Research, Current Aging Science, Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, and Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research. IPR faculty serve as mentors to PhD and MD/PhD students in the Graduate Program in Medical Neuroscience. One of the unique features of the Program in Medical Neuroscience is that it combines the analytical expertise and methodological approaches of the neurobiological and behavioral sciences to study neural function in systems from basic molecular processes to the whole organism and includes opportunities for both basic and clinical research.

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